strawberry aloe vera juice
strawberry aloe vera juice
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Strawberry Aloe Vera Juice

Savia Intl. Co., Ltd believes in offering special and valuable service to humanity. We understand our consumers¡¯ requisites of enjoying beverages which offer a perfect blend of health and taste to them. To quench this thirst we offer a vast range of aloe-based drinks, which are loaded equally with taste and health. As a leading beverage manufacturer in Korea, we offer our customers high quality Strawberry Aloe Vera Juice, which is a delicious blend of Aloe Vera and strawberry. When the health benefits of Aloe Vera combine with the zingy, refreshing nature of strawberry, the product is a rejuvenating potion.

In our bid to help our customers in leading a healthy lifestyle, we strive to come up with innovative products that are in sync with the fast-changing modern lifestyle. With our Strawberry Aloe Vera Juice, our consumers can get their daily dose of energy on the go. Our Aloe Vera Drink Strawberry is available in bottles of 1.5l and 500ml. Besides this, our Aloe Vera based product portfolio consists of Aloe Vera Drink Original, Aloe Vera Drink Mango, Aloe Vera Drink Peach, Aloe Vera Drink Pineapple and Aloe Vera Drink Pomegranate.
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