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mango aloe vera juice
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Mango Aloe Vera Juice

At Savia Intl. Co., Ltd, we understand demands of the modern, hectic lifestyle and the consequent significance of following a healthy lifestyle that accompanies it. We strive to enhance the healthy lifestyle of our consumers by providing them with the products that promise sure-fire health benefits. Our product portfolio boasts of Aloe Vera based drinks, known for their healing, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

At Savia Intl. Co., Ltd., we understand the need of our consumers to satiate their taste buds. No wonder then that our Aloe Vera-based products ensure not only a host of health benefits but also taste great. Keeping the taste-related concerns of our consumers in mind, we offer many fruit-flavoured Aloe Vera drinks. Our Mango Aloe Vera juice allows our consumers to avail the benefits of Aloe Vera in a refreshing Mango flavour. It can prove to be an immensely useful health drink, allowing our consumers to not only detoxify their body and but also boost their immunity power and rejuvenate their body.

As a leading manufacturer in Korea for Mango Aloe Vera Juice our products are available in bottles of 1.5l, 500 ml and 340 ml. It is our mission to keep coming up with new, innovative products that suit the modern lifestyle of our consumers.
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