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For all tea addicts seeking healthier alternative to their caffeine kicks, Korean Jujube Tea is surfacing as the perfect option. Savia Intl. Co., Ltd, a leading beverage manufacturer in Korea offers high quality Jujube Tea that besides being kind on the taste buds offers a myriad of health benefits. Jujube Tea accepted across varied cultures as a strong digestive aid, effective in curtailing gastric ailments, such as constipation or indigestion. Jujube tea possesses an impressive amount of protein and vitamin content and thus, is deemed as instant energy booster, thereby preventing physical weariness. In addition to these, Jujube tea can prove useful in prevention of cold.

Considering the fact that we want to conquer the field for high quality, tasty Jujube Tea Korean, we ensure that our products are manufactured from processes that are absolutely safe. We strive to continuously enhance the quality of our products to fulfil the changing needs of our consumers. To meet different consumption patterns of our customers, our Jujube Tea Korean is available in packs of 1kg and 580g. Besides the refreshing and rejuvenating Jujube Tea, our liquid tea product list includes citron tea, aloe tea, lemon tea and ginger tea.
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