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Korean Citron Tea

We are a leading manufacturer in the food and beverage segment in Korea with an unwavering zeal to enhance the lifestyle of our customers by providing them with good quality products made from extremely safe processes. For the health conscious people who prefer their cuppa to be tasty, besides being loaded with multiple nutritional benefits, we offer Korean Citron Tea. Citron tea has been a part of the Korean culture for long and its health benefits have contributed in increasing its popularity further.

Korean Citron Tea is an excellent source of Vitamin C and can work miracles in the treatment of common cold and coughs. In addition to these, it aids the digestion process, prevents high blood-pressure and helps in the treatment of freckles and discoloration. Consumers can enjoy our Korean Citron Tea in various ways as per their fancy. The Citron tea can be enjoyed the traditional way- as a hot tea or can be served as per the latest trend- cold tea. In addition, one can also have it with bread and jam, as topping for plain yogurt or as dressing on salads. Our Korean Citron Tea is available in packs of 1 kg and 580 g.
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